Monday, October 23, 2006

Virtually Traveling the Interstates and Highways

Countless research works have been done about the Interstates and Highways. There has also been many works of popular media which tap into the romanticism that ties into traveling the country on the road.

Because gas is still too high (in my day I remember 90 cent gas; boy do I feel old) it is possible to partially enjoy on the internet.

OKRoads! has picture guides for the many interstates and highways in the United States. Both national and state highways are available. It is clearly a labor of love by the researcher.

TDAXP gave some other links which come in handy. U.S. Highways gives information on the length and span of the highways. The Road Ahead has trivia and covers of the old highway maps once made by gas companies. The latter goes well with old road map covers from all over the world.

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