Monday, October 09, 2006

Lincoln AAG 2006

Catholicgauze went to the AAG meeting in Lincoln, Nebraska; spent time with TDAXP (props to you buddy!), and came back a winner.


: (Kind of like team Jeopardy) In March Catholicgauze fought to become the third best geobowler in the United States. The high point of that was the fact I joined a random group of people who did not even know we were competing until the very last moment. This time Catholicgauze proved himself the second best geobowler in the Great Plains, Rocky Mountains, and Western Great Lakes states!

Geography of Clandestine Methamphetamine Manufacturing in Kansas: Dr. Max Lu of Kansas State University examined methamphetamine manufacturing and use in Kansas. Lu's conclusions were insightful. Meth labs seemed concentrated around Wichita, the Kansas City to Topeka interstate route, and in southeastern Kansas. Very few meth labs are found in western Kansas. Lu attributed this to the fact that west Kansas has a "meat, potato, beer" culture where meth does have a void to fill. The most surprising thing is most meth actual comes from "super labs" in Mexico while "mom and pop" labs in America serve mostly their operators and the operators' friends.

Sun, Sea, Sand and the Scalpel: Medical Tourism in Thailand: Dr. Jerry Gerlach of Winona State University studies the booming business of medical tourism in Thailand and East Asia in general. Thailand offers medical services done by American-trained doctors for about ten percent of the cost. High class hospitals for foreigners with resort like rooms on the beach await the medical tourist. Unfortunately Thai law is based on German civil law with it being impossible to sue for medical malpractice. The Thais are worried about the rise in medical tourism in India and China (where one can get organs from executed prisoners). Finally, the coup leaders want to have business as usual and their regime will not interfere with the industry.

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