Thursday, October 05, 2006

AAG reclassifies countries as "dwarf countries"

The Association of American Geographers has declared all countries less than 5,970,036 square miles as "dwarf countries" citing the sheer number of countries now days. And I thought the AAG could not sink lower.

Humor yes; just like my little poem below.

First they came for Xena, and you did nothing because you thought that was geeky
Then they came for Pluto, and you did nothing because you thought it was a Trans-Neptunian object
Where will you be when they come for Uranus?

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Dan tdaxp said...

Dr. Eric Lynchly of Oxford University said, "I can't believe.....the most ridiculous bloody… no one is going to listen to this, it's utter bollocks!" He then devolved into complete regional patois, typical of a 'dwarfy', and the rest of the interview was incomprehensible.