Thursday, October 12, 2006

300,000,000 Things Anti-Americans Hate

This is why I do not read The Independent

The United States has pretty much is the home to 300,000,000 Americans (maybe or maybe not counting about a dozen million illegals). Wot wot!

But as the United States reaches the mark there are naysayers. Tony at Radical Geography has sent me an Independent article which claims America is eating the world. (The Independent rivals the Guardian for left-wing readers; I prefer Sky and The Daily Telegraph for my British information).

The article blast how Americans consume too much and are too rich. It uses phrases like "fair share" and other loaded terms. First off, Catholicgauze has long been arguing for wise use of resources- it makes pure capitalistic common sense to save money. Secondly and most importantly, the reason Americans make more money and use more resources is because our markets are open and there is no monster like Robert Mugabe to kill and terrorize the successful.

With this and other pieces of Anti-Americanism there is tons of blame yet no solution. Do these people realize that if America limits what it does the first things to be cut will be aide to the areas of the earth that need it badly? What does these people purpose America do?

Leslie White, a Marxist anthropologist, said the best way to measure how advanced a civilization was to measure its energy consumption. This has been used to accurately show the growth or decline of states. The best example I can think of is Zok Pavlovic comparing the independence and quick collapse of Kazakhstan with a major decline in energy consumption.

Sadly, Anti-Americanism does not need to make sense. It is a heresy: a good idea (being more globally conscience) taken way too far past extreme. Jean-Francois Revel, a French socialist, wrote the excellent Anti-Americanism (sample here) where he decries European hypocrisy against the United States. At a critical juncture in the world, this type of double-speak has no place and only helps those who wish to destroy us all.

(Side note: Catholicgauze pays taxes to the crown due to various investments and wants representation with his taxation!)

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Hoodlum said...

Uhh, why are you happy that Americans are so wealthy? If I recall correctly, in your rule book, your god specifically instructs you to sell/give away all your stuff?

Is that just figurative? Like every other part that might cause inconvience without generating a compensating sense of moral superiority?

Catholicgauze said...


I am happy that America is wealthy because I know those I love are able to afford food and medicine.

No where in the Bible does it instruct Christians to give all things away. Jesus rebuked Judas when he wanted to give the oil money away to the poor because of the lack of priorities.

Our religion and God call on the rich to use their wealth and power to better all. The love of money is the root of all evil not money. A wealthy America can spend money on programs for its poor and poor around the world. No other country comes close in the amount of money the government gives away in aide programs and the amount of money given away by private citizens.

Thanks Hoodlum for the comment and I hope I clarified things for you!

Tony Cassidy said...

Thanks for this alternative viewpoint, I will be using this article in my classroom after our break. It is always good to have a differing and local opinion.

I do believe that the media in the UK portrays American people differently to what my everyday experience of Americans has been.