Friday, September 01, 2006

Who reads GTWC?

By using my Clustrmap, e-mail subscriptions, Bloglines subscriptions, and Sitemeter I have a geographical break down of the readers of Catholicgauze:

1) Eastern Half of the United States: This is the primary base of my readership. From the Atlantic Ocean to the near the Missouri River people come to get their daily dose of geography. Congrats!

2) Western Europe: And to be more exact the United Kingdom and France. Several friendships have allowed links to Catholicgauze on UK-sites like Radical Geography. As for the French I suspect several reasons. Maybe they figured I call French "fromage" because I am so much of a Francophile (yes, that's it, yes...)

3) Western United States: Not to be outdone a coalition of Mountain Red States and Pacific Blue states seeks dominance.

4) Singapore/Australia Hemisphere Axis: A few readers and their friends are some of the most loyal readers of GTWC!

5) Eastern (scratch that) Central Europe: Readers from Hungary and the Czech Republic are new but become more numerous.

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Kilroy_60 said...

If you're interested, I would be pleased to do a link exchange. It was good to have you follow-up on my comment.

Some people like comments, others don't. For me, I think if the only viewpoint you see then you don't learn anything. So I'm interested in comments.

Based on what I've read, if you would like to come and write comments, I would welcome hearing from you. And would return to comment here.

Until next time...

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