Monday, September 11, 2006

Remembering 9/11

9/11 has changed our way of life and the world in big and small ways. I pondered how to do this post and I still question on how to mark the infamous date.

I signed up for the 2,996 Tribute Project. I was assigned Hyun-joon (Paul) Lee. He was 32 years old, lived in New York City, and was killed at the World Trade Center. I could find out nothing more about Mr. Lee. However, that does not designify him at all in my mind. Lee was born, grew up, was educated, laughed, loved, cried, had friends, and wondered about his place in the world and cosmos. He is more than number 2341; he is a person whose irreplaceable life was brutally ended by an evil enemy which seeks to this day to destroy Western Civilization.

We came to the monster responsible; we will get more chances. I pray for peace and conversion to peace on all sides but those who live by terror shall die by the same evil forces they use.

Remember who our enemies are. They will lie to decieve us. They will say the West kills Muslim world wide ignoring the massacre of their brothers in Iraq and elsewhere by other Muslims.

September 11th is the date of a great wounding but is also a date of victory in Malta and in Vienna. Let us all rally around the great injustice of 9/11/2001. Let us gain resolve to finish what the enemy started. Remember the horrors of that day. We must be resolved so this never happends again.

For movies I recommend World Trade Center, Flight 93, United 93, Path to 9/11 (edited scenes can be viewed here), and Path to Paradise. For intersites I recommend the above mentioned 2,996 project World Statesmen's Memorial.

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Eric Bateman said...

I found this post on from
Paul's wife:

December 23, 2001
He was my husband and I love him with all my heart. We just got married and we couldn't go to honeymoon because I had to go school. But we were planning to go honeymoon in this Christmas. He was kind and gentle. He loved to sing gospel and he always carried the bible with him. He played guitar very well and he played a guitar when he proposed in the park. I live with his love and I thank God for giving me a such loving person, even though it was very short time. He will always remain in my heart.
jinny lee (queens, NY )