Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Latest Unrest in the Muslim World

"Dear Pope Benedict XVI, I humbly request that you rescind your statement as my contemporaries and I do not believe that it would help relations between our religions. Yours truly, Amad Ibn-Battusa"

So the Pope reads from a book which was made from the letters of a former Byzantine Emperor and a Muslim from Persia about the merits of Christianity and Islam. The Pope's goal was to show how spreading religion by force; whether it be Islam, Christianity, or Secularism is ungodly. Some Muslims thought this was anti-Islam and gives the impression Islam is a violent religion. To show how peaceful Islam is: Muslims did the weekly rage thing. It has been violent and only getting more so. Iraqi Terrorists have even vowed to homicide bomb the Pope.

Last time these cartoons were seen people died (all Muslims killed by other Muslims)

Like in the cartoons riots, many Muslims are showing how unstable they are and why they can easily be the biggest problem for the world in the 20th century. As of yesterday morning five churches were attacked, some by firebombs, in the West Bank (they all seem to be either Anglican or Orthodox. We are not dealing with the brightest of enemies. A London based newspaper stated the Pope's quoted remarks may lead to war. What the heck?!? Muslims are being killed by the car bomb load in Gaza, Darfur, Iraq, India, and elsewhere by other Muslims but not a word from CAIR or other groups. Al Qaeda threatens France (hardly the most willing country in the War on Terrorism) and not a word of outrage.

This is a big deal. As long as the West is dependent on oil there are economic concerns. There are also humanitarian and historic reasons to be involved with the area. When the gap goes nuts the whole world feels it. I honestly do not know what can be done. Any outside reform would meet more violence then what we are seeing now. Any inside reform faces extreme opposition from Islamic conservatives and the fact Muhammad made Islam almost reform proof. By saying Muhammad was the last prophet and declaring the Koran the final word on religion no Martin Luther can change things.

In a discussion with some Ph.Ds, the academics made it clear the Muslims were being provoked. However, you do not see Catholics attacking, murdering, and terrorizing everyone else when things like Battle Pope are seen (I actually think that is sort of funny, sort of). When the Virgin Mary and Jesus are mocked with things like "Piss Jesus" or "Dung Mary", I just think "jerks" and go on my merry way. When Madonna does her thing, there were protests but that was it. We do not write books calling for and dramatizing assassinations.

So I stand with the Pope and Angela Merkel by saying the quotes have been taking out of contest. I go further by saying "grow up" and get over it.

I call all on those who value peace and brotherhood to denounce the violence and do all in their power to end it. One can be upset at the Pope and I will listen to their complaints; however, this violence cannot be justified in any terms.

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UPDATE: Iraqi Terrorist and the Taliban oppose the Pope. Nice to make this issue black and white.


Jay McGinley said...

Day 105 24/7 DC VIGIL for DARFUR; Day 35 HUNGER STRIKE (54 days so far this summer, with breaks); ARRESTED Sept 9th at White House with 29 others from Africa Action;


It is said that the mark of truly being “crazy” is expecting different results from doing the same thing over and over and…. Ok, we needed to try some new approaches, hoping we could find a new formula for mass social change (stopping Genocide has NEVER been done); looking for an approach that would be comfortable, convenient, safe, executed from our computer terminal / phone / TV or office in some combination. The variations we’ve tried are: * Blame (Bush, UN, EU…) , * Emails, letters, postcards…,* Letting the Nonprofits do it, * Divestment. And the results are in. WE ARE NOT, STOPPING THE GENOCIDE!

You mean that the answer for Darfur is the same answer we found for…* Ending the Vietnam War, * Gaining Civil Rights in the US, * Gaining Women the right to Vote in the US, * Ending apartheid in South Africa, * Throwing off the British oppression at our start....?

Yup. No one else, nothing else can stop it, can save 4,000,000 in Concentration Camps in Sudan and Chad. The buck stops with WE-THE-WORLD’S-PEOPLE. Let’s stop talking and start - marching, demonstrating, sitting-in, hunger striking….

The next step is September 17th (; BUT, then we need to be ready on SEPTEMBER 18th, 19th… AS LONG AS IT TAKES, WHATEVER IT TAKES.

Jay McGinley,

Terror-Free said...

New Pope Shows Spine
Islamonazi CAIR Is Not Impressed - video

Please Call The Vatican Embassy In Washington, DC at (202) 333-7121 to Express Your Support!