Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hezbollah in the Venezuela

What you are looking at has as much impact as the U2 photos of Soviet missile installations in Cuba

The above is a photo, taken and distributed by Hezbollah, of Hezbollah recruits in Venezuela. Venezuela Today has a scary article on how Chavez is allowing Hezbollah to set up operations with the Wayuu Tribe on the Guajira Peninsula near Columbia.

Hezbollah has an MSN Space page and a blog. They seem to like bragging about the merits of Islam and have some beef against the head of Univision calling him a true terrorist.

There are already rumblings of Islamists active in Paraguay which could be a reason why US Special Forces are actively training allies in the tri-border region. If Hezbollah, number 2 when it comes to killing Americans, is working with Chavez to gain a foothold in the West, cable style wars could spread from the Mideast and Africa into South America. Chavez, long a foe of the pro-American government in Columbia, may wish to use Hezbollah to aid FARC or other factions. Wheels upon wheels are turning in this scary world we live in.

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