Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan versus Borat

Sacha Baron Cohen is earning the attention he is getting.

For the past few years Cohen has portrayed Borat, a fictional Kazak journalist. Borat frequently depicts Kazakhstan as a backwards nation full of child rapists who drink horse urine. The Kazak is no fan of the character and the president of Kazakhstan has personally threatened to sue Cohen. Cohen, as Borat, responded in typical fashion joining the president in denouncing "the Jew" Cohen.

With the President of Kazakhstan visiting President Bush "Borat" found an opportunity for free press. He was turned away from the White House while being followed by numerous reporters.

Roman Vasilenko, Press Secretary of Kazakhstan, is fighting a war of words against Borat. In response; "Borat" told reporters, "There is a man name Roman Vasilenko who is claiming to be Press Secretary of Kazakhstan. Please do not listen this man, he is Uzbek imposter, and is currently being hunted by our agents. "

Will Kazakhstan get the joke, give up, or continue falling in the trap? I guess the latter. Be sure to check out Borat's Myspace Page and regular webpage to see what the Kazaks are upset about.

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