Friday, September 15, 2006

Geography and Books: A Modern Dictionary of Geography

A Modern Dictionary of Geography 4th Edition is a must have for all students of any form of Geography.

The dictionary is by three British professors and it gives academic but straightforward and easily understandable definitions. The book is surprisingly free of political overtones (something which British geography is cursed with). I do think it favors physical geography over the human and technical subfields; however, this does not negate its essentialness to human geographers. On a very plus note it has easy to understand quantitative formulas and explanations of the formulas.

Catholicgauze gives an A+

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Moose said...

I don't think I'll pick this up, but just wanted to say that I just finished one of the books you reccomended in the past few months "Frontiersmen In Blue".

After knowing next to nothing about that subject, I found the book to be really interesting.

Catholicgauze said...

Glad you liked it!