Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Coming Mexican Civil "War"

Let us all pray it ends that way...

The Mexican political landscape is getting much worse. The loser, Obrador, who once vowed to give up even if he lost by one vote is now preparing to set up his own alternative government. He has even threatened violence. Things have reached a new peak with leftist members of Mexican congress blocking the state of the nation speech.

This is very bad for Mexico, the United States, and the world. If the turmoil gets worse except for the Mexican economy to falter even more after a period of slight growth. Illegal Immigration into the United States will increase even more (it has been estimated that 10% of all Mexicans are already in the United States, most of them illegally). To top things off, forty percent of all Mexicans want to immigrate to the United States already! A massive increase in illegal immigration would cause a backlash which will play into the hands of pro-border enforcement politicians in America.

Finally there is black gold. Mexico is America's third-largest supplier of oil to the United States. The oil provides about one-third of all revenue to the Mexican government.

If things turn really ugly the center-right has the backing of the military. Democracy south of the border will suffer a huge loss if they come into play.

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Dan tdaxp said...

This is a crisis point for the United Mexican States, but one that hopefully will turn the eyes of the most productive ones even further North. Our American Constitution should be made available to everyone in our Continent. We should plan to admit those Mexican States that desire it.

Better than that saddle the most productive Mexican States with this Leftist interference.