Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bolivia Headed Towards Civil War?

While America and the World's attention are diverted towards the Muslim world there is a storm brewing south of the Rio Grande, and not only in Mexico. The trouble this time is Bolivia's Evo Morales.

Earlier this year the people in Santa Cruz voted for greater autonomy. Their complaints were that Morales was damaging the local economy by Marxist economics and he was turning himself into a dictator. To show the people of Santa Cruz how mistaken they are Morales has installed road blocks and is forming loyalty militias in Santa Cruz.

It is getting so bad that the Argentine foreign ministry has predicted there is a 56% chance of civil war soon (but not 57%...). Civil Wars are getting more common as the world reaches another turning point. Supporters and nay-sayers of the United States are watching if America can hold the Middle East and global dominance. Its a battle between republicans and a league of tyrants. Hopefully good can win while avoiding becoming a Chimerica.

Publius Pundit is blogging about the situation and is a great place for updates.

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