Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Water wars or is the world just nuts?

A US company managed by the United Nations is working studying the Guaraní Aquifer's structure and is devising ways to sustainably develop and manage the cross-border resource for farming, drinking supplies, and geothermal energy. Meanwhile the United States is training Paraguay Special Forces to monitor Islamic drug lords. Are these two events unrelated- most probably. But crazies out there since the dark hand of the United States!

National Geographic News is reporting on a conspiracy theory being advocated by some including Adolfo "US is a terrorist state" Esquivel which NG describes as an "activist" and Nobel Peace Prize winner. The South Americans allege the United States is trying to steal their water or something along those lines. It looks like this is an extension with the fears of a worldwide water shortage.

I have participated in many discussions concerning anti-Americanism. Some of the people I have discussed the phenomena with tell me American policy is to blame. But these South Americans are just nuts. If a group based in the United States being managed by the United Nations cannot even research putting an aquifer to more efficient use without being accused of being part of an American invasion; what can America possibly due to curb anti-Americanism?

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