Friday, August 18, 2006

Map of The Simpsons' Springfield

Many of you and I were/are fans of The Simpsons. I personally feel the show has gone down hill during the last 8 years (!) and so do many others. However, enough ranting by an old man, let us get to the good part- the geography!

Map of Springfield has section maps of the fictional city and a complete "big map" of the area which the show takes place in. Who remembers places like John Bull's Fish and Chips, Fort Springfield, and the Monorail?

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Tony Cassidy said...

Great find, a nice bit of cultural geography. In the UK, the use of the Simpsons to challenge country stereotypes has become very popular. My favourite is the Simpsons in Japan, but Regina Monologues for Britain was a brilliant resource for considering how others view us.