Tuesday, August 15, 2006

European Railroad Maps

Traveling on any train can be a very relaxing experience. I have had the opportunity to and I greatly enjoyed it. Seeing the country side pass one bye in seats much larger than on an airplane all the while having the opportunity to get up and walk from car to car is a traveling rite of passage.

One of the main ways of traveling in Europe is train. Whether for business or pleasure many people utilize the vast railroad network for transportation. For tourists, the railroads of Europe have a certain romanticism associated with them. Just think of the Orient Express and one will have visions full of emotions.

So what can make the railways of Europe better? Maps of course!

Map Room Blog linked to an excellent collection of maps which show electrification, tourist lines, and others. I like this collection of maps because the cartography is simple yet elegant.

The technological and detailed awards go to RailEurope.com. They feature interactive flash maps of Europe. Each country map has its own little trivia section while the map loads. Very neat!

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