Friday, August 04, 2006

Europe Jokes

Exhales breath... What can I say about Europe? Well, the proto-Catholicgauzes found it good pillaging ground. Europe is also a land ripe for jokes at its expense. So without further ado I present to you: A Geographic Journey of Europe Jokes!

Fromage, Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys! In the last few years France has been subject to a variety of jokes especially from the political Right in America. Jokes about France can be found from a variety of websites. One of my favorites has to be searching for "french military victories" using Google.

There are two Italys: the angry Germanic northern half and the Italian southern half. Many have wondered if Italians are European. This shockwave video (takes some time to load but it is worth it) proves that Europeans and Italians are two different breeds.

Deutschland has suffered a fall from grace and is still recovering from the whole nasty business. One of its negative legacies is the Neo-Nazi movement. However, did you know that Neo-Nazis are people too and have problems we can only begin to understand?

Russian Jokes tend to be either self-hate or jokes at the cost of other groups in the multi-national republic. Who can forget the classic, "What did the New Russian say to the Old Jew? 'Can I borrow some money, Dad?'" This is why I favor humor not done by Russians (except for Yakov Smirnoff). All I know for sure is that I am taking back my Communist Monopoly game before the KGB agent gets cranky.

My loyal European readers (comment dang you!) may be asking "But Catholicgauze, what about humor at the expense of America? Why not show some of that?" Why? Because America has George Washington! Six foot twenty and %&$#@!* killing for fun! (Video is not safe for children!)

Hat Tips to TDAXP, Curzon, Younghusband, and Younghusband again

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