Thursday, August 17, 2006

Cryptozoology in Maine

Whether it is vampire-like creatures in New England or just plan weird things going on, I have a side interest in studying the "odd" things in the world. I feel the terms "supernatural" and "paranormal" have been corrupted (much like the term UFO which is now utilized in popular culture as "identified spacecraft from beyond this planet") so I prefer the term "odd." The problem is only two groups study odd things today: pseudo-scientists who are jokes and crackpots and debunkers who already have the conclusion settled before they begin studying. It would wise to investigate this field further, you never know what you may find.

Take the case of the monster of Turner, Maine. In this small Yankee town there have been stories for about the last 15 years of some sort of monster attacking dogs, scaring people, and making strange sounds in the night. Most people thought the legend steamed from a dog attack and then took a life of its own being exaggerated. However, last Saturday the "monster" meet civilization and became road kill. No one knows for sure what it is but I tell you it is one ugly thing. The legend, in this case, seems true.

Now there are other cases that should be solved. What was the Beast of Bray Road? It sounds like the Beast of Gévaudan sans killing people. And more importantly, what has been mutilating farmers and ranchers' cattle throughout the American West? In my grandfather's hometown a cattle was mutilated and no one could say what did it but they all knew it was not a wild animal attack.

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Lynn said...

Ah geeze, I was so happy I thought I knew something you didn't and was going to email you about it. Here I find you already posted. Drats.

Sun Bin said...

It is probably a mutant dog or dog/wolf hybrid, or a rare undiscovered new species.

another photo here