Sunday, August 13, 2006 caught! Crusade on them!

Lately I posted concerning TDAXP's report about using Hezbollah-like tactics against critical media sources.

Last night Ask launched an astroturf campaign against the Catholicgauze. One "Jimmy O'Reilly" commented on TDAXP and then an "Anonymous" posted over on GTWC! quickly afterwards.

An investigation quickly revealed that "Jimmy" is an comment spammer. The spammer has been busy on Yahoo groups singing the praises of Ask. He calls maps "massive cool," and in the rest of his posts he goes out of the way to give credit to Ask.

Ladies and gentlemen: A very dishonest practice has been uncovered. This event has convinced me once and for all that Andy Yang (e-mail address: has indeed lied to me when he stated on record that did not blacklist GTWC!

I have made a chart comparing Catholicgauze,, and Hezbollah (joking of course)





Never said anything against terrorism

Fights with a Blogger name

Hides amongst civilians

Hides amongst civilians

A leading general Geography blog

Only number 2 in terrorism

Wishes it was number 2 in the search engine game Enemy of free speech and critical review


Anonymous said...

Is it fair to use "leading" if the overall sample size is rather small?

Catholicgauze said...

True my Kansas friend; however, my ego is much bigger than the sample size

Eddie said...

And thus the great e-mail campaign has begun, 809 Kitty Hawk sailors I know have been spammed about the heretics of