Friday, July 21, 2006

World Population Growth and Decline Maps links to a report on the migration patterns of humans around the world (excluding Australia and friends because they do not count for some reason).

The world's population is migrating to the coasts especially in third-world countries. "This type of migration will expose 2.75 billion people to coastal threats from global warming such as sea level rise and stronger hurricanes in addition to other natural disasters like tsunamis." Wow.

The Americas map shows steady growth with some loss in the Great Plains, Appalachian Mountains, bits of Haiti, and pockets in South America. The Old World map has a few "OH MY GOSH!" moments when one views the depopulation of Europe and westernized Asia. This map sinks in the fact of European depopulation stupidity. I guess that is what happens when horizontal social controls (family) are replaced with vertical ones (the state). Hopefully things will change before it is too late.

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Dan tdaxp said...

The population decline in East Asia is very worrying.

The natural "offshore allies" for the United States in Asia all face political (the KMT in Taiwan, the Left in South Korea) or demographic (population collapse in Japan) forces that would seriously weaken them as balancers against China.

Build a future we want to live in means shepherding China to the state we want her. When our allies become weak or wishy-wishy, that makes our job so much harder.