Sunday, July 02, 2006

World Cup and Globalization





These are the four countries that will battle it out to for the World Cup.

I know I have blogged about the World Cup before but I have a theory. Sun Bin thinks population can explain the teams that will rise or fall in the competition. But I do not think so. Globalization is the key. The list of countries in the World Cup at the start was a fair balance between the first and third worlds. However; only Mexico, Ecuador, and Ghana advanced into the finals and they were done away with in the first round. The way to have a winning team is to be globalized so it is easier to send players to play in the top leagues in Europe.

So what will happen? Well my top pick of Germany is still in so I have to favor them but it will be close.

The Germans will roll over Italy (I am sure on that) and the France versus Portugal game will be dedicated by how hard Portugal plays. If they play like they did against the Netherlands look for a battle royale between the Germanic nations. If France beats Portugal look for a thrashing not seen since 1940.

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Sun Bin said...

we are both wrong :)

but i do agree with your reasoning on globalization and openness.

but then most of these countries are similar in terms of letting their players go abroad. so eventually it is the receivers (Euro leagues) that are benefited.....therefore, final 4 all in Europe.