Thursday, July 27, 2006

More Israel-Hizbollah War Geography Maps

Previous post on war maps here and the next one in the series here. Yet another War map post here

Counter-Terrorism Blog has a map showing the "neutral zone" "managed" by the United Nations. Of couse it is a complete joke of a neutral zone. Green are Israeli Occupied cities while red are cities on alert from the IDF.

Koolyoom has a mashup on various news stories from the war. (Hat tip: Ogle Earth)

Maps of Israeli air strikes (PDF), topographic map of Lebanon, and a map of the old Israeli occupied zone. (Hat tip: Map Room Blog)

The final map shows Israeli bombings of UN facilites. (Hat tip: Newsmax)

In bad news some anti-Syrian Christains and Hezbollah have reached agreements. I personally think the guy is trying to by votes to become president. For understanding of the internal Lebanese situation read TDAXP's write up and Strategy Page's thoughts.

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