Saturday, July 08, 2006

Location and Medical Geography

Get out of the cities if you want to live! That seems to be the point of the LA Times article "Death by Geography."

"For transplantation purposes, the U.S. is divided into 58 territories, each with its own supply of organs and demand for surgeries. To protect local access to organs, most donated within a territory go to patients waiting there, even if sicker patients are waiting elsewhere."

Be sure to read it all. You never know if it will one day save your life.


Dan M said...

This is a comment about your brief post regarding Deborah Frisch.

You were wrong to suggest that she can "continue" to blog, so long as she realizes that she did something wrong.

Her behavior was grotesque, appalling, disordered.

The best suggestion you should have left for that creature is to discontinue blogging, and institutionalize herself, for protracted observation.

That creature was CONSTANTLY suggesting that a father sexually molest his own little boy.

Just think about that one, for half a second.

It's one of the most evil things I've ever heard of.

She really belongs in prison.

If you were going to post on her site, you shouldn't have pulled your punches.

Catholicgauze said...

**Background on comment above**

A professor from Arizona did many very morally disgusting and probably criminal things to a fellow blogger. I see a very deep case of mental behind this. I am not excusing her horrible actions; I think she needs help.

If anyone has any question about this please contact me directly at catholicgauze at