Monday, July 03, 2006

Good Intentions Pave the Road to Hell

This will affect several of my dear friends. People taking planes to or in France will now pay a tax in order "to help the world's poor." The raised funds will go to buy supplies for AIDS and other disease victims. However, the supplies will go directly to the countries were the kleptomatic governments will most likely use the supplies as political weapons or sell them on the black market for personal gain.

Catholicgauze has a plan to fix Africa. Maybe it will work; it will be hard to screw up that continent any further. Soon I will blog my in detail plan with reasoning. Here's a hint until then...

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Lexington Green said...

Not sure what you are getting at, but are you possibly suggesting something like the following:

Recruit an Army of African Liberation, get Gates and Buffett to pay for it, have British and American officers seconded to it train it in Panama and Brazil, invade and conquer Africa and declare the Queen of England to be Empress of Africa, and give her plenary powers to appoint Viceroys for the five new Regional Divisions, then have a global recruitment program to staff the new SysAdmin/Viceregal administration who will among other things teach every child in Africa how to read and speak English?

It might work better than the last 50 years of "freedom".