Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Global GPS

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) is everywhere these days. Businesses like the transportation industry, government, and even average people are utilizing the ability to locate there exact position on the earth.

When most people say GPS they actually mean NAVSTAR GPS which is run by the United States government. This signal is available world wide for free.

Russia currently has a GLONASS GPS-like system. But that has been going downhill since the end of the Cold War. When oil prices drop expect to see the end of GLONASS. The focus of GLONASS is on Chechnya and is used primarily by Russian military.

Galileo is the new system on the block. A product of the European Union and European nationalism, Galileo's main purpose is to free Europe from using American technology. Many other countries like China, Israel, and India are signing up with research and services. The European Union is trying to find a way make Galileo a fee-service but so far there has been no practical way to implement this.

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