Thursday, July 27, 2006

Free GPS in Europe

A team at the Global Positioning System Laboratory in Cornell University have cracked the code behind the Galileo GPS system! Unlike the GPS Americans are use to, European GPS is not free. The crack; however, allows for "free acess" to Galileo while remaining legal. The scientist join others who are fighting for free geo data in Europe. God speed and victory to them!

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Anonymous said...

I think you got it all wrong (but most journalists did so you're excused). Galileo is free to use, but there are three channels to use, and two of them aren't. On Navstar, there is two channels, one civil and one military. You will never get access to the military channel. With Galileo everyone can buy the full access. Measuring at several frequencies enables you to get rid of most of the effects of the ionosphere.
Furthermore, the codes they have broken are meant to be public later, but not while they are still building and testing the system. Just read the last two lines in their article: "Sources from within the Galileo project indicate that the GIOVE-A interface control documentation will be publicly released in June 2006."