Monday, July 24, 2006

Computer Virus Map

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McAfee has a map of computer virus infections around the world. The map is surprisingly customizable as it can depict the number of infected files, infected computers, infected files per million citizens, and infected computers per million citizens.

The Western Hemisphere and most of Europe are full of viruses while Africa lags behind (in a good way). One surprising fact is the amount of infection in the Middle East. Is this because of cyberterrorism or is Abdul rebelling against the Vice and Virtue Police by looking at naughty pictures of Fatima?

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Anonymous said...

Might the patterns of infection have something to do with the number of computers and/or number of isps more so than cyberterrorism or Fatima? Most human geography books have maps of the spatial distribution and density of computers and internet access that look a lot like these maps. This seems a more common-sense line of thought than terrorism and/or porn.

Catholicgauze said...

I thought about this yes. But looking at raw statistics and computers per so many people the amount of viruses seems unusually high.

Cyberterrorism and porn were just two possibilities. The virus could be programmed by regional people with skills but no opportunity to put them to positive use. The use or lack their of software protection like Norton are also real possibilities.

Catholicgauze said...

Also, many of the viruses in the US are because of pornographic and other related websites. Viruses are created by those who wish to cause havoc.