Tuesday, June 20, 2006

World Cup Musings

Almost enough to make me cheer for Ukraine

Even after my minor rant against soccer I have slowly begun to fall for the World Cup. First there was my post on the tournament then I started watching some of the games.

I have thoughts on several countries performances:

England - My favored team at the beginning. England has won 2 and tied 1. However, their performance has been sub-par. They need to go past second gear if they hope to beat my Cinderella pick...

Ecuador - Nobody thought Ecuador could perform but they are proving the world wrong. Playing like there is no tomorrow, these guys want to win! However in the last game they were crushed by...

Germany - The Huns are on the march. The Germans are the home team and they truly want the cup. They have as much energy as they did when a united Germany team won in 1990. Look for them to go the final rounds.

United States - The much hyped team is struggling with a record of 0-1-1. They need to beat Ghana (I never thought about a Ghana-US battle royal before) and hope Italy beats the Czech Republic. A good breakdown of scenarios can be found on Wikipedia. All the American players need to play like Brian McBride in order to win.

Brazil - The once-and-mighty king of soccer has been waning in power and everyone is noticing. They should not be dismissed with a 2-0-0 record but they been playing easy teams and not dominating.

On the internet FIFA is hoping soccer babes become 2006’s answers to 2004-5’s protest babes. Fan of the Match” is simply another way to show off beautiful women. Not that there is anything wrong with that…

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aaron said...

What about Australia??

chirol said...

The German's aren't Huns. That's outdated and incorrect WWI propaganda based on a bad speech by Kaiser Wilhelm II while seeing troops off to fight the Boxers! I prefer the term "krauts" =)

Catholicgauze said...


Don't be such a sauerkraut


To be honest I haven't seen any of Australia's games. Don't get me wrong; I love Australia for your Australian Rules Football but I just don't know about Australian soccer.

Eddie said...

YES! Aussie rules football makes for fantastic watching in person.

I think the Germans will win... though Argentina is a hell of a team as well.

America.... i don't want to curse on this fine blog. I'm highly peeved, to say the least.

Go Ecuador & Ghana!

Anonymous said...

what about australlia?

Catholicgauze said...

"What about Australia??"

Italy - 'nuff said