Thursday, June 29, 2006

Subscribe to Geographic Travels to Catholicgauze!

I know many of my readers use RSS or Bloglines to get their dose of Catholicgauze. However, if you do not know what those two things are or mean there is hope for you! I am now using Feedburner to allow users to subscribe to GTWC! and even get e-mail updates of every new post! Use the sidebar option to subscribe for the e-mail. Nothing says you are a geography fan more than receiving a multitude of semi-coherent rants from me!

In even cooler news Platial now offers KML feeds of their mashups. This means it is now possible to have Catholicgauze's Atlas on Google Earth!

In sad news however I will be on a short trip again. I shall be doing field work along the Oregon Trail. Every time I get I will try to update the blog but no promises. The Mapping Site reviews shall continue!

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