Monday, June 26, 2006

Free GIS Programs

GIS and the word "free" usually do not go together. The king of the GIS field is ESRI and they charge an unholy amount somewhere in the lower-end of the thousands range for ArcGIS.

I was thrilled when Mapz Blog posted a list of free GIS tools online (found via Very Spatial). While none of these programs has the power of ArcGIS; combined they become a very effective tool for the budget technical geographer. There are a lot of software programs to try so check them all out! I personally like fGIS for its easy to use user interface while having some major power.

"Beware him who seeks to control information, for he seeks to control you." -Brother Lal

Americans enjoy free GIS data for almost everything they can think of; however, Europeans suffer from government and EU limits on access. Be sure to support those who fight for geospatial freedom.

Category: Neogeography

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