Sunday, May 21, 2006

Weekend Blogosphere Update

Be sure to check out the growing blog roll on the side.

A look at other geographical blogs:

is still in China. He has visited the Great Wall, gone to all the places that sound like Heavenly Spirit Gardens, and even supported local business by shopping at a Chinese Wal-Mart. His constantly updating China posts can be found here.

My good buddies at Platial continue their drive to world domination. They were recently at XTech where they talked about the Geography of Platial. Looking at their map of tags one is struck by cores which center on the US, UK-Low Countries-Germany-Italy, and Japan. But what about the so-called "flyover country" in the United States, why does it not have as many tags? Does the Midwest have nothing interesting? Do not answer that question!

Finally I stumbled across Julius’ Travels in the South. The man is photoblogging his experience in Antarctica. Sure the updates are not as common as mine but the man is photoblogging from Antarctica! Want to know the going on's way down under? Then look no further.

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