Sunday, May 28, 2006

Virtually Visiting Aruba

The latest in a long line of virtually traveling the world. Previous editions include the world, Paris, Mecca, and the Rocky Mountains.

Aruba is a desert island approximately nineteen miles off the coast of Venezuela. The island's population is a harmonious mix of pure whites, blacks, and those of mixed South American blood. English is spoken by nearly everyone along with Dutch, a Creole pidgin called Papiamento, and Spanish. The island has a true cosmopolitan feel.

The island is a tourist attraction for both South Americans and Americans. Famous visitors include Natalie Holloway and Catholicgauze. Both these individuals were on the island at about the same time (I have managed to be one of the few people not arrested for the crime so far).

The Government of Aruba has recently relaunched its tourist website. Most geographical interesting thing on the map is a "virtual reality tour" or panoramic images which can be viewed by browsing a map. One can almost feel the heat when they look at Arikok Park.

While on my tour of the Caribbean I was (un)lucky enough to go scuba diving in an artificial coral reef right off the coast. It was a mixed experience and I'll leave you with a photo of the dive by our photographer.

Through the eye of the reef

At this level the water was warm, color could still be determined, white sand was everywhere, and the fish were beautiful

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