Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Spanish Socialists’ Mixed Up Priorities

I have some Spanish readers: Tell me what you think of this.

Some members of Spain's ruling Socialist Party are petitioning the government in general to grant human rights to great apes. The Socialists claim since apes and humans are 99% similar and genetic material and are emotional beings they should be granted human rights.

Now Catholicgauze has no problem with increased protections for animals. I believe that since humans are the owners of the Earth we have been ordained to be the lesser creatures manager. The problem begins with granting animals human rights.

Problem 1) With human rights come human responsibilities. Are they apes now subject to criminal and civil law? Can they be jailed? Since Europe does not have free speech can making fun of a monkey be considered a hate crime?

Problem 2) With human rights come human privileges. Will apes be allowed to vote? Not allowing them would make them second-class citizens.

Problem 3) Not all humans have rights. Racism and other issues are problems in Spain as elsewhere. Most importantly, abortion is legal in Spain. The hypocrisy of claiming close genetic material is shown when human beings are denied the right to live out of convenience! The Catholic Church in Spain has pointed this out.

Spain elected this government out of fear of al Qaeda. It seems this madness is deep rooted.


Anonymous said...

q te follen monstruo

Catholicgauze said...

¿Por qué soy un monstruo?