Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Online Atlases of the World

The one thing that makes a better gift than a map is an atlas. So when Catholicgauze discovered a plethora of atlases online for free his day was made. Two of the online atlases are actually government projects and have tons of detail of their states while the third is a private project with general map information of the world.

The Atlas of Canada (English/Fromage) is a project of the Canadian government to provide "authoritative, current and accessible geographic information products at a national level." The atlas has a multitude of interactive maps to view depicting everything from average maximum snow depth to historical treaties with the First Peoples. What really takes the cake for me however are the topographic maps of Canada.

The National Atlas is a project of the United States Department of the Interior. Maps are more interactive with layering options. The maps range from harvested crops to seismic hazards. All around the National Atlas is a great interactive mapping website.

The last online atlas site is Multimap. Multimap provides mapping technology to businesses in Europe and on the side offers free mapping information to the general public. The maps are political/road maps viewable from national outline to down to 1:5,000 (street level) depending on the place's location. Catholicgauze recommends the France, Germany, and Great Britain maps for the most fun. The whole world is also zoomable to an extant.

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