Saturday, May 20, 2006

Google Maps Goes Native

Recently I was browsing Google Maps when I noticed Turkey was spelled funny. I then saw Greece being spelled in Greek. It did not take long for me to realize the countries were being spelled as natives spell them. I was about to do my old rant of "we don't call Germany Deutschland, when I saw Google Maps does.

It appears any country with road detail is spelled in the native language. I suppose this makes it easier for people who want to search for directions and related tasks. I only wish there is an option for English-language place names because I have no idea of where exactly I am looking at right now.

Google has a standard and keeping to it unlike other places which flip-flop on name policies. Good for them.

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Jason said...

That's cool. I saw they did that for Japan (Japanese language names for everything). What's weird is that the names only change once you've zoomed in to a certain degree. "Spain" only turns into "España" when you've zoomed in enough to see the roads. Guess Google is still playing around with Maps even though Maps is technically out of beta.