Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Usually if something is a demo for a much greater project I tend to skim over it. However, Global-i from Infomagnet allows users to see country-level information displayed on a globe. I tried the trial version and thought the product was pretty good.

The trial version allows users to examine some economic, demographic, military, and government information. Think of it as the child of the CIA World Factbook and Google Earth. The data is shown as colored spikes on the globe. Some of the interesting things to look at are AIDS rates (south Africa is in real trouble if 38+% of Boatswains have AIDS) and the corruption index (how does the practically one-party state of Sweden stay so corruption-free?).

The full version of Global-i has a much wider database available. While I will not be paying the thirty-five years a year for the full version it may be useful to some. (Hat tip: Le Petit Blog Cartographique)

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