Monday, May 29, 2006

British Surname Mapper

Where in Great Britain are the Catholicgauzes?

To all my fellow John Bull-ers. Those of you who have Anglo roots may wonder where in Great Britain your family came from. With the Surname Profiler it is possible to map out where last names were common in 1881 and 1998.

So far this tool has helped me even more in my search for the Proto-catholicgauzes in Europe. Above is my surname's result. I claim ancestry from Stratford and there were/are some [Catholicgauzes] in that area. This mapping site is a great tool for those studying genealogy.

I wonder what the Victorians at Coming Anarchy think of this! (Hat tip: Great Map)

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Dan tdaxp said...

Also check out gnxp on celts, danes, and anglo-saxons

tracy_the_astonishing said...

This is really fun. I was just thinking about geneology and mapping.