Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ask.com Maps Review

Ask.com has tried to fix their mistakes listed below (so the links no longer show what I talked about) but made new ones. Read about it here. Also, Ask.com may be blacklisting Catholicgauze.


Ask.com has decided to take on Google Maps and the rest of the group by releasing their own map site.

They have the usually street and aerial maps. There claim to fame is the ability to look at the globe physically with a relief map. While this would be a useful tool and original for neogeography Ask.com drops the ball- BIG TIME.

The map's "cartographers" are either really big Al Gore fans or do not know their geography at all. Everything above sea level is land and everything below is water. What does this mean? Goodbye Great Lakes, so long Netherlands, hello Dead Ocean, and it appears the Caspian Sea is on steroids. Other land/water can be found on the relief map.

Until Ask.com gets its act together this is a great opportunity to be original wasted. Stay away from their relief map for now.

One star out of five.


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