Friday, May 19, 2006 Maps drops the ball- AGAIN

Update: may have blacklisted Catholicgauze. They deny it, so far but Catholicgauze doubts their claim.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- is trying. I do have to give them that. But dang it why don't they hire a cartographer? I'm sure there are a ton of professional and amateurs on the internet who would gladly help them out in an open beta for free. But they dropped the ball again.

After my review made some (minor) waves on the blogosphere it appears tried to fix some mistakes with their physical map. The Great Lakes returned to normal and the Caspian Sea was taken off the clean and clear. All seemed right, but bad cartography still ran rampant. First was the forgivable sin of the Aral Sea doing rather well for itself. Then I noticed water problems in the Middle East were solved with the great lakes of Iraq. Egypt and the Sinai had new lakes. Finally, Lake Chad had babies.

There are inexistent lakes and rivers all over the place. It is like a glacier came over the world, drilled water bodies everywhere, and went away.

I know people from have read my review. I really want to like your site, I really do. But please do some research!

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