Friday, April 21, 2006

Pyramids of Easter Europe

Work of man?


Visocica Hill in the middle of unassuming Bosnia may be a pyramid. If it is than it is a third larger than the Great Pyramid in Giza and therefore the largest pyramid in the world.

What makes this hill a possible pyramid is local legend, discovery of geometrically cut blocks on the side of the hill, and tunnels leading in and out of the hill. Yahoo has some interesting pictures of the work being done on the hill.

If it is a pyramid it will most likely made by the Illyrians, the ancestors of modern-day of Albanians. Nice to know they have been progressing well from Stone Age to... um... yeah. The design seems to be independently made. The other known pyramid in Europe, the French Falcon Pyramid, was most likely made by Roman Legends involved with Eastern cult worship.

This is not scientifically proven however. There are those who are calling the head of the study a nut and equating him to the Taliban. He has responded by making a website and starting naming the alleged Pyramids by himself (which is a bit odd). Archeology is a field where different opinions lead to war. Just look at the pre-Clovis controversy.

At this time all geographers can do is step aside and yell "Archeologist fight!!!

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