Thursday, April 06, 2006

Making Blogging Worth While

Catholicgauze has achieved his first conversion!

A naval sailor and blogger with the Forward Deployed Naval Forces has expressed interest in obtaining a major in Geography after he was converted by my Harm De Blij speech review for TDAXP.

I am glad that the love of geography is spreading. It makes blogging worthwhile.

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Eddie said...

A willing convert of all possibilities (j/k, I do after all serve in the N.A.V.Y. (Never Again Volunteer Yourself).

I'm really most interested (at this point, perhaps this could change after I learn even more or after a few years in school) at this point in political geography and geotechnology.

How geography continues to be overlooked by so many is just criminal to me, the more I learn i am just amazed at how important it is.