Monday, April 17, 2006

Lech Walesa's New Map

Lech Walesa: Supporter of a Catholic form of Globalization

Lech Walesa recently spoke to Kansas State University and the public concerning the past and where the world is going.

The Past:
Walesa was the leader of the Solidarity movement and had a message of hope for those who were oppressed. He described how the world ignored Poland's warning about Hitler and then Stalin. He then went on to state that the Western world supported Polish anti-communist efforts but thought them a lost cause. "The West could not fathom a world without communism. " "The West had these computers which calculated no Polish effort could end communism"

Walesa pointed out that the calculations had left one thing out- faith. The election of Karol Wojtyla as Pope John Paul II and his visit to Poland showed a bound among the Polish people that no system could destroy. "Even the Communists were learning to cross themselves."

Besides God, Walesa attributed Communism's fall to "50% the Pope, 30% himself, and 20% Reagan." While he thanked Reagan immensely, Walesa pointed out that the people themselves on the ground must do the work to end oppressive regimes.

The Future:
Walesa's recommendation for the future can be best described as Catholic. The first part can be related to benign imperialism (like feudalism on paper), the second part focuses on the economic liberation of the person, and the third part is faith based.

Part 1) The United States is the world's sole superpower and while it leads economically it must lead the world politically and culturally. America has done a great amount of good but seems unwilling and guilt-prone. If the liberal and democratic America does not take the lead countries like Communist China or the Islamic fascists will and mold the world in their image.

Part 2) People must be the central part of any global plan. When Walesa criticized how the United States uses more than "its share" of resources one person asked how Walesa recommended wealth redistribution amongst countries. Walesa responded with a strong "no" to wealth redistribution. He stated the best way to build up the less development countries was to give grants to businesses and people to create businesses. With people working, making money, and buying products they will become part of the global community. The rich should help the poor by giving them the tools to fish; as the old expression goes.

Part 3) Walesa is convinced God played a massive role in his past and one should realize that with hard work and faith anything is possible. No one thought communism could be destroyed but "faith made it possible." America and the world are in the War on Terrorism and other efforts for the long haul. We must work hard and have faith that good will conquer evil.

Walesa speech was powerful and he was received well. While some who attended the speech like his efforts they were displeased by Walesa thanks towards Reagan.

These people miss the point. Communism was brought down by local and international alliances. If we are to integrate the world and stop movements that wish to kill us we must realize that victory is possible and create local-global efforts to succeed.

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