Monday, April 24, 2006

Languages of the United States GIS Map

¡Los Estados Unidos de Español!

The Modern Language Association has released their Language Map of the United States.

The map is actually a GIS-based program in which one can choose to see various languages distribution in the United States. Languages include English, Spanish, French, American Indian, Arab, Hungarian, and much more. On can zoom in or out or even examine the distribution on a state level. Layers include interstates, county and state names, and much more. Tabular data is also available to examine.

Enjoy! This post is in the spirit of Yall tock funny ya hear, and Figjam. I'll make a series section on my blog sometime.

Hat Tip: The always great Map Room.

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Ann said...

What a great map, CG. I've browsing through your language geographies tagged posts with much interest.

Just a minor point: should it not be "Arabic", not Arab, for language? The latter pertains to the people from the region, the other the language.

Catholicgauze said...

You are correct. That error is a monument to my poor proof reading skills.