Sunday, April 23, 2006

It is Easter again

Happy Easter Sunday (Again)!

Today is Easter for Eastern Christians. Its common referred to as Pascha to avoid confusing us easily confused Western Christians. A great breakdown of why the difference between Easter dates can be found here.

Below is my timeline of the Easter/Eastern-Western Christianity Controversy

325: Yay! We have a date set for Easter!
1054: Hey Wessies! Die in a fire!
1204: No! You die in a fire!
1274 and 1439: Okay, we will reunite. Fooled you!
1582: Pope to Orthodox "I fixed the calendar, what to adopt it?" Orthodox to Pope: "No"
1923: We'll take the calendar for everything but the Easter season!
1965: Okay, you don't have to die in a fire.

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