Thursday, March 30, 2006

World Statesmen

After weeks of favoring the Mass of the CIA World Factbook the Bishops need to meet concerning an up and coming star. There is a rival, of sorts, and its name is World Statesmen.

World Statesmen defines itself as "encyclopedia of leaders, nations, dependencies, international and religious organizations. Detailed chronologies, maps national anthems, flags and indexes are included to guide your research." And oh boy is it ever.

The meat and potatoes of World Statesmen is its country section. There are too many features on each country's page to describe. For example, if one clicks on the United States one can read the history and politics (including constitutions in many cases) of not only America's but also of the Hawaiian Kingdom, Confederate States of America, Republic of Texas, and the Republic of West Florida. Flags and maps abound!

But what makes World Statesmen really stand out are all the bells and whistles. An index of major wars since 1700, an index of colonies both past and present (anyone want to read about Genoan occupied Tabarca?), and a list of terrorist organization that would make Global Security (not the quasi-evil mercenary group but the information/policy website) envious.

What really takes the cake is the list of religious organizations. Want to know the head of every Eastern Rite Catholic Church ever? Well here you go! Need a list of the Caliphs? All you need to do is say Allah-u-Akbar and click this link! And there are more religious groups; much, much more.

World Statesmen has a nice feature on September 11, 2001. They also need more data and are asking for help. Be sure to say hi and/or help out!

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