Thursday, March 30, 2006

Spatial Relationship of Abortions

With apologizes to both Thomas P.M. Barnett and the Coming Anarchy Cartographers

Coming Anarchy has been doing a long running series of "mapping the gap," the Thomas Barnett theory of Functioning and Non-Integrated countries. They are looking at spatial relationships of things which affect geopolitics; from ungoverned areas, civil rights, and more.

I decided to jump on the band wagon and take a look at abortions with Thomas Barnett's theory. What I discovered (map above) is that while the gap theory does a fair job generalizing abortion laws there are too many outliers.

My project, besides finishing up the last entry on the Future of the EU and NATO, is to create a new mapping theory which can explain the spatial relationship of abortions, if any. It will have to consider not only geography but history, culture, and politics of states and regions as well. Stay tuned.

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Curzon said...

Apology accepted, Catholicaged :D

For what it's worth, that classification of Japan is wrong. It is available on demand.