Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Moon Update

As readers know I think exterraography (we desperately need a real term for the geography of other planets) is one of my hobbies. So I was thrilled at the announcement that NASA is planning the construction of a permanent moon base.

This is great for Selenography (geography on the moon; there is a real term!). Imagine future scientific journeys to the Maria which will study how the moon formed. Selenologists (geologist who study the moon; another real term!) would have a field day with all the features unaffected by erosion. Maybe we can determine if the Moon is active or dead. Finally, we will be able to verify Boint's lunar measurements.

Astronomers will also use the moon base. Telescopes could be built which would observe stars and other space phenomenon without any atmospheric pollution.

To learn about how we plan to journey to the moon a National Geographic Kids' News article provides a general description.

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