Tuesday, March 21, 2006


It was better than the World Series! It lived up to being the true World Series! The World Baseball Classic lived up to all the hype!

Japan beat Cuba in a battle royale. While the final score of the championship game was 10-6, the game was a battle to the very last inning. An initial lead of 6-1 was worn down by team Cuba's never ending determination to win. Japan; however, also had the drive to win and kept on scoring. What made the game even better was the fielding. Unbelievable plays were made by both teams.

I could talk about my distaste of allowing Cuba to play, no Cuba Libre team made up of defectors, or of the outrage of calling Taiwan "Chinese Taipei" but I will not. This was a victory for "the brotherhood of baseball" to quote Castro's son.

Now we have to wait until 2009 for the next World Baseball Classic. Oh well, the excitement will be worth the wait.


Update: Spark Plugged blog has also blogged about Japan's victory.

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Shay said...

Yeah it was a great game and I am glad that Japan won. Yes, Ichiro probably does regret that comment about Korea. I was suprised to hear that too.

I also thought it was interesting that the coverage never talked about Cuba almost not getting into the tourney at all. Yeah, lots of controversiality surrounding anything that's International.

Thanks for the link to SparkPlugged and great post here!