Monday, March 27, 2006

Google Earth Round-Up

I have lately been enjoying Google Earth way too much. I have found out a lot of cool links and sights:

First off Google has lost the Japan War to Yahoo. Mutant Frog Travelogue has revealed to us barbarians that the Yahoo-made clone has aerial photos integrated into the program along with maps. All hail the new Archbishop of Japan- Maps Yahoo Japan. (Hat Tip: Christopher G.)

There are ton of websites dedicated to learning about Google Earth. Google Earth Community is the official community group and is always active. Good luck not having a post not buried in the whirlwind of posts. Google Sightseeing is a great blog-style website with tons of features. Check out their Weird category. Another neat blog is Ogle Earth. This blog can be described as a Google Earth Plus blog with neat posts like this,

There is a lot of weird stuff on Google Earth. UFOs, flying cars, crop circles, scary military places, and more can be found on Google Earth.

I have been observing changes for Baghdad, Iraq which depict bombed houses, the opening of the Seventh Seal (Click this one!!!), IED attacks, WMD-storage house, and life going on normally like any other city.

Baghdad is almost as interesting as Fortress Pyongyang (be sure to zoom out to get a full view).

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