Friday, March 24, 2006

European Union and NATO: Part III

Part I and Part II of the series on the European Union and NATO.

The Future of the Europe Union

Both the European Union and NATO have the chance to thrive or die. The reasons are much different; however.

The European Union is at a cross-road. The desire of a stronger political union has hit major roadblocks. The European Constitution was rejected by France and the Netherlands, two of the most pro-Europe countries in the Union. The constitution itself highlighted a divide in the Union. Religion was one issue with it. The Western Countries rejected any mention of Christianity’s role in the building of Europe. The Ascension States are more religious and are somewhat appalled at the lack of faith in the west. Political power was the main issue however. The makers of the constitution wanted to implant a horrible mish mash of French, German, and English laws on the members states. The Eastern European states swallowed the laws as the price of membership but the French rejected the "Anglo-Germanic" rules.

Further expansion could also kill the Union. Turkey desperately wants to be a member yet has some very serious cultural baggage. Turkey is not cultural European. Anti-West Islamism is gaining more and more strength everyday. If the Ascension States were maddening for the Western Europeans let them try to deal Turkey.

Another last bit of negative news for the European Union is its rules. The European Union has strong budget rules for it Euro using members. However, both France and especially Germany are ignoring these rules. Italy has floated the idea repeatedly about dropping the Euro. These three countries form a core of originally and most powerful members. If the leaders cannot follow the rules why should the other member states.

European needs a military mission. Honestly they do! Go to the European Defence Agency's website and click on "Long Term Vision." Member countries like France want a European Army to show the Americans they can handle their own but the Europeans do not know how to form one or what to use an army for. The Americans had to do something in the Balkans twice, Iraq, and now maybe Iran. Where do you see the Europeans getting involved with Darfur? Nowhere.

Three of the four issues dealt in part with France, which is the last negative point for the Union. As the European Union expands into Eastern Europe the common language used was not French but English. The rise of English is so upsetting to the Formage that Chirac walked out of a summit when he heard a Frenchman use English. The French remove their military from NATO but stay in politically, act like children when they hear English; this must stop if they want to be part of a group not Greater France.

The European Union needs to get its act together. Almost all the European states want to join it for the common market, free trade, and free movement of people. If the European Union can act like a hyper-NAFTA its future will be bright. However, if it attempts to put a Franco-German political face on Europe, Europskeptic parties in the other member states will limit its power well beyond a NAFTA level. The European Union will still be there no matter what; the question is how powerful it will be.

Up next the future of NATO

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