Tuesday, March 28, 2006

European Union and NATO: Part 3.5

Europe is in trouble and the western European Union countries in particular are hopping into oblivion. Resistance to reform, population suicide, and a second barbarian invasion are the demons Europe must conquer if the European Union, and Europe as we know it, wishes to survive.

Resistance to reform: France is currently under siege by those who wish to have a weak economy for all while they enjoy all the benefits of being rich. Recently a law was passed that would those in their twenties to be fired for poor performance.

Apparently being held responsible for one's actions in France is a big no-no. Protestors like an economy where sky-high benefits keep unemployment high. These are people who have one test per semester per class, take weeks off for vacation, and work where the cannot be fired.

The economy of France is slowing down and dying yet appearance are being kept up by French laws. The ones unemployed currently usually are not Formage but those on the margins of society, the unskilled and immigrants who want reform because it gives them a chance of getting a job.

When the socialist bubble pops there will be Hell to pay. As if there was not Hell to pay already.

Population suicide: Population rates are also declining. People are not having babies because the horizontal cultural support system usually done by children taking care of their aging parents has been replaced with the vertical support of the government. Who wants kids who one has to support for twenty some-years when the government will take care of you? The lack of children will also mean a lack of workers to support the socialist system that will collapse with no one supports it.

The Netherlands is considering allowing legal infanticide (the murdering of born children). I guess they view it as abortion plus. The shocking thing is almost no one is denouncing this. With a dying population one needs as many new births as possible. Blood-thirsty idiocy at its worse.

The Spartans did the same thing (See: Sparta: A Model for All Fascists) as they were dying and were badly defeated and destroyed by the Athenians. The declining population hurt the Spartans immensely in their wars against the Athenians.

Invasion: The one step that Europe is doing to save itself is one of the worst things they are doing to themselves. Europe is allowing immigrants to come and settle in Europe, WHICH IS FINE IN AND OF IT SELF. However, a segment of this population is Islamist which views itself at war anything not Muslim. The Islamists see the lazy and dying population as the opportunity to succeed where the Moors and Turks of before failed, the conquering of Europe.

In Sweden there are zones where ambulances will not go because they would be attacked, the Netherlands has had assassinations against politicians, Denmark was involved in the whole cartoon battle, terrorists have blown up civilians in London, and honor killings are becoming more common in Europe.

Will Europe toughen up and become the Leviathan that it once was or will it go quietly into the darkness? The only hope for western Europe is to adopt capitalistic reforms like in the Ascension States, manage through the transition period, and have laws which encourage having children.

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